June 21, 2023

New Travel Features to be Released With Apple iOS 17

Earlier this month, Apple announced new features that will come with the upcoming release of iOS 17 during its recent Worldwide Development Conference in California. Among the exciting updates set to hit our devices are multiple travel features that will provide seamless travel experiences for Apple users. Here are some of the new iOS 17 travel features to look forward to later this year.

Automatic Check-In

When traveling alone, it’s nice to know that your loved ones back home have the ability to check-in with you and know when you’ve arrived safely at your destination. With the new Apple check-in feature, you can set up automatic check-in messages that will be sent to your contacts of choice, which notifies them when you should be arriving at your destination or if you’ve been delayed. If you don’t arrive within a certain time frame, the contact will receive important information, including your iPhone’s location, battery percentage and service status.

“Adaptive Audio” AirPods

As one of the most necessary travel accessories for many Apple users, AirPods are getting a new feature that will make them even more useful for traveling. When listening to music through your AirPods, the “adaptive audio” feature will automatically adjust the noise cancellation based on your environment so that you can hear what’s going on around you when needed.

For example, when flying, your AirPods will turn on transparency mode when there’s an announcement so you can catch the information without pausing your music.

AirTag Sharing

AirTags are a great tool for keeping track of all your luggage when traveling, but before iOS 17, AirTags could only be tied to one user. Now, travelers will be able to share their AirTags with up to five other people who will all be able to track the location of the item and play the sound from their devices.

Travel Journal App

It’s always a great idea to journal your travel adventures, whether that’s jotting down memories in the Notes app or creating documents. Now, there’s a dedicated app for journaling with all the features needed to capture and remember your travel experience when you’re on the go. The digital journal will offer entry suggestions based on your recent locations and pictures taken, send notification reminders so you don’t forget to journal, as well as allow you to incorporate images, links, locations and more in your writing.

Apple Watch Compass

The new iOS 17 update for the Apple Watch includes a life saving compass feature that can give two critical directions when traveling off grid. The compass app will be able to estimate and direct you to the last location you were at that had reliable cell service where you can send and receive messages, as well as locate the last location where you can make emergency calls using any carrier’s network.

Offline Apple Maps

If you ever find yourself traveling to a destination that doesn’t have a great range of cell service or if you want to save data, you can soon download a map of a specific area or region ahead of time to take advantage of Apple Map’s step-by-step directions without being connected to WiFi or a cellular network.

Hotel TV Airplay

Hotel amenities are a plus when traveling, but hotel rooms aren’t always equipped with technology that is compatible with Apple streaming. With iOS 17, IHG Hotels have partnered with Apple to allow for Apple Airplay on their hotel TVs later this year. Soon, travelers will be able to enjoy their favorite shows and Apple’s streaming features on a big screen while in the comfort of their hotel room.

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