July 26, 2023

One Road In

One Road In

DENALI NATIONAL PARK & PRESERVE, ALASKA - See how tiny that huge tour bus on the road near the curve in the center of the picture looks? That gives you an idea of how massive the mountains of the Alaska Range in Denali National Park are. Formed over 100 million years ago, these multi-colored rocks are hardened lava that may still be rising due to the area's continued seismic activity.

Over 600,000 travelers visit the park each year hoping to see North America’s tallest peak – the 20,310' tall-Mount Denali, incredible scenery and wildlife. The park has one entrance on the eastern side of the park and only one road in and out. That road extends only 92 miles west into this 6-million acre park. From late May thru early September, privately-owned vehicles may drive the first 15 miles of the park road. To see more of the park beyond Mile 15, visitors hike, bike or take one of the narrated or non-narrated buses that travels across the winding, dirt and gravel roads, stopping only at the Visitor Center and lookout points along the way.

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