December 12, 2018

Rejjee Modernizes Lost and Found at US Airports Coast to Coast

Free, standardized lost property reporting and recovery platform is now linked directly with official lost & found reports from 700+ TSA checkpoints

Boston-based startup Rejjee, Inc. announces the expansion of its highly successful lost & found platform to airports nationwide, powered by a data sharing Agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The joint goal of the program is to increase the recovery rate of all lost property, especially electronics, laptops, and smart phones.

Through a formal Agreement Rejjee will receive official daily reports of property found by TSA agents at 700+ security checkpoints at airports coast to coast. For the first time, travelers can now access a single, standardized form for searching official reports and/or filing a lost property report from any airport in the United States. And unlike most current systems the Rejjee search and reporting tool covers hundreds of locations and can be accessed from a mobile device anytime/anywhere with 24x7 automated response. The Rejjee platform is proven to increase recovery rates by 10X. Travelers filing lost property reports on Rejjee that match recovered items will be connected directly with TSA for validation and potential recovery - at no cost to travelers or airports (return costs may apply).

Travelers can increase their chances of recovery by downloading the free traveler assistance property documentation RejjeeApp which helps Rejjee, TSA, and airport agents quickly identify found items and connect with the owner in a privacy-assured, secure environment.

"An area of particular focus for us is cyber security," says Ken Smith, Co-founder and Head of Product and Operations at Rejjee. "More than twelve-thousand laptops and electronics are lost at US airports each week. The data on these devices as well as the cloud platform login credentials represents one of the leading cyber security risks to personal identification and company data." A Pew Research study reported that nearly fifty percent of all smartphones and tablets have no or very weak screen logins, making it fast and easy for anyone to grab personal information from a lost device.

TSA reports thirty to forty thousand found items each month. Of the high value items such as laptops, smartphones, jewelry, passports, and wallets recovered by TSA only a small percent are returned, with the remainder being recycled. This is not for a lack of trying on the part of TSA, however travelers are often confused about where to file a report, and even when a match is made travelers sometimes decide not to initiate the return process. Rejjee will be tracking reporting and recovery performance with the goal to help airports standardize and improve lost and found procedures for the benefit of travelers.

"We're very excited about the opportunity to work directly with TSA," says Gary O'Neil, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Rejjee. "For anyone who has lost a laptop or a child's toy during travel knows how frustrating the Lost & Found reporting process has traditionally been."

Even for items as simple as the recovery of a child's toy lost at an airport, everyone knows the process has been hit or miss. Just think how bad it is when a traveler loses a laptop where time to recover could become the cause for a very bad day for a business traveler. The company is currently expanding its network of participating airports that use the Rejjee platform across the country and soon internationally.

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