July 20, 2022

Samsonite Finds That 72% of Full-Time Employees Have Used Less Than 50% of Their PTO So Far in 2022

Top Travel Brand Unveils the 'Road to PTO' Quiz Recognizing the Urgency Around Taking Time Off

Samsonite, in partnership with Minaa B., Senior Consultant, LMSW, unveiled the Road to PTO quiz recognizing the urgency around taking paid time off. The initiative coincides with Samsonite's recently launched Take What's Yours campaign, which encourages workers to maximize the long-awaited summer season by taking advantage of PTO, long weekends, and everything in between.

The Road to PTO quiz challenges a culture of hustle and burnout at a time when most workers are in desperate need of a well-deserved break. A recent poll from Samsonite, conducted online by The Harris Poll among US adults, found that from over 800 full-time employees, 65% of full-time employees agree that they urgently need a vacation from work and 56% feel burnt out at work. However, almost 3/4ths of full-time employees (72%) have used less than 50% of their vacation days for the year. Further, 20% of full-time employees say they do not have any paid vacation days scheduled for the next three months.

This reluctance to take PTO comes despite widespread awareness of the considerable mental and physical benefits of taking time away from work. The poll found that 86% of full-time employees agreed that taking more vacation time would improve their mental health and 80% agreed that they always feel refreshed at work after they take vacation time. Most full-time employees find the complications around taking PTO outweigh the benefits with 66% wishing it were easier for them to take time off from work.

"Despite knowing how important our time away from work is for both our physical and mental health, it is common for individuals to not take advantage of their PTO for a variety of reasons," said Minaa B., Senior Consultant, LMSW. "We've created a culture where burnout is worn as a medal of honor and we can find every excuse in the book to keep ourselves at work. In order, to push past these mental roadblocks we must create a way for people to simply see how urgent their own happiness is."

Recognizing the disconnect between understanding the benefits of taking a vacation and taking advantage of PTO, Samsonite created the Road to PTO quiz, which guides workers on how urgently they need time off. By answering ten simple yes/no questions focused on mental health and work, an individual can identify their timeline for taking PTO. If they answer 'yes' to one to three questions, they are in a good place and can continue working. If they answer 'yes' to four to six questions, they should plan to take time off soon. Seven to ten 'yes' responses indicate an urgent need to take PTO. To find out how urgently you need to take PTO, check out the Road to PTO quiz here.

Road to PTO

Samsonite is ushering in a new era that champions taking time to travel, forge new experiences and create lasting memories that far outweigh the once applauded always-on mentality. Samsonite North American President Lynne Berard said, "We are inspired to create a world where we flip the script and celebrate taking PTO. There are a million reasons to put off taking PTO, so we are passionate about helping consumers and employees cut through the excuses and take what's theirs."

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