October 09, 2019

Scaring Goes Full Throttle at Nations MegaHaunts

America Haunts announces the nation's scariest haunted attractions

Blazing a trail to heighten the thrill and fear factor is routine with the most valued haunts in the U.S. After all, haunt fans want to be frightened, feel anxiety, raw emotion, and have suspense for the gratifying relief of "surviving" and the ensuing laughter. America Haunts, the haunted attraction association for the nation's premiere haunts, has named the five scariest haunts that will leave visitors terror-struck.

The top haunts at scaring work the nuances of a controlled, well-orchestrated fear factory. They play on all the senses using a range of unnerving sets, evocative characters, and special effects. It takes a very, spooky village of cast and crew to convincingly put people next to their phobias and nightmares. Since everyone scares differently, mega-haunts deploy a multitude of scare tactics and technologies to effectively scare.

The terror experts at America Haunts know a good scare makes a good time and have named the 2019 scariest haunts in the nation to do just that.

  1. House of Torment Austin, Texas

    This haunt understands psychological terror, teasing the brain with three new attractions in 2019. Rise of the Dead, Clown, and Dimensions of Darkness feature zombies, demented clowns, and dark spirits, respectively. No stone is left unturned when it comes to creating an intense scare that leaves mortals scared stiff. Those looking to collect their wits will appreciate the Torment Tavern and mini escape game challenges with a whole bag of tricks to create suspense and wonder.

  2. Spookywoods Greensboro/High Point metro - Archdale, North Carolina

    Spookywoods is a destination that is entrenched in scaring and adds fear adventures on endless acres of forest - leaving visitors spellbound in its 35th season. Its makers show no mercy on the crying souls that ride their new Sudden Death Express train. It is a joyride for those who like to face fear head-on. Dare to try the plethora of options including Maize Adventure, zipline tours, high ropes course, escape games, and axe throwing. Every haunt ticket includes laser tag to conquer the monsters.

  3. Erebus Detroit metro - Pontiac, Michigan

    Erebus is ginormous, taking up a city block and four stories of space dedicated to fright entertainment. It is said, a scientist named Dr. Colber has created this time travel lab to test subjects by disguising it as a haunted house. The unsuspecting walk over a half mile experiencing phobias first hand and they never leave the same. It's very intense - things grab, bite, land on top of its victims, and even bury them alive! Visitors won't want to miss the newly added escape rooms too.

  4. Bennett's Curse - Baltimore, Maryland

    This valley of darkness ensnares passersby with fear. Could it be spirits with the curse who painstakingly create the haunt's realism? Bennett's Curse's makes its own darkly divine custom creations to scare like no other. Born from an asylum that plunged people deeper into madness, this haunt also takes the daring to the Underworld, and they'll undertake long-lasting scares traversing through Legends of Halloween, the Inferno 3D, Ravenbrook Asylum, and Coulrophobia. It will leave the brave spell-bound from what this attraction conjures up.

  5. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses New York area - Ulster Park, New York

    Galloping into its 27th season, Headless Horseman continues to expand with a theatrical one-mile hayride, corn maze, 8 additional haunted attractions, 4 eateries, 4 giftshops, and an operating cast and crew of 375 people. It's a bewitching haven of unusual monsters, amazing illusions, animations, and stunning special effects. Those who enter this mystical, bone-rattling specter get so much frightening detail they'll be gasping for mercy and leaving 5-star reviews.

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