February 23, 2022

Spring in the Gardens

An Icy Adventure

BALL GROUND, Georgia – Scheduled to open for the season on Friday, February 25, Gibbs Gardens gets ready to present its greatly expanded daffodil gardens with more than 370,000 additional bulbs planted in new areas. Sixty varieties of early, mid- and late-blooming daffodils will appear every two weeks for a full six weeks of flowers in every shade of yellow — from almost white to peach and deep gold. On top of that, vivid tulips arrive in March. The garden's 40,000 new tulip bulbs are set to bloom in mid-March. Like daffodils, tulips have early, mid- and late-season blooming dates for added weeks of color. In mid-March, more than 200 cherry trees, including the same Yoshino cherries seen in Washington, D.C. and Kwanzan cherries, forsythia, quince, spiraea, and dogwood will join the daffodils and tulips across the 50 acres of gardens.

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