September 19, 2023

The 10 State Fairs Social Media Buzzes About the Most

State fairs are known for showcasing the best of each region’s food, culture, and agriculture — and they’re a way for families to have fun while showing their local communities support.

However, not all state fairs are made equally. At least, that’s according to this research by JeffBet.

“Not many studies have revealed their popularity on social media, especially amongst Gen Z and Alpha. This data reveals that the Minnesota State Fair is the most popular on TikTok and Instagram, generating an eye-watering 132 million views on TikTok alone,” said a spokesperson from JeffBet. “Despite housing only approximately 1.7 percent of the U.S. population, Minnesota’s State Fair generates around one in six of total online activity, even beating out Texas to the top spot.”

The company analyzed the number of Instagram hashtags and TikTok views for each state fair to see which ones the public snapped the most.

The top 10 most popular state fairs, according to social media

1. Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair was the most Instagrammable and TikToked state fair in the U.S., with over 365,400 hashtags on Instagram and 132 million TikTok views. The hashtag #mnstatefair is the most popular, with 267,427 Instagram posts and 79 million TikTok views. It is the second-largest state fair by attendance behind Texas.

2. Texas State Fair

Texas State Fair, also known as “Big Tex,” reportedly the largest in the U.S. by attendance, ranks second most popular on Instagram and TikTok, with over 339,485 Instagram posts and 128 million TikTok views. The hashtag ‘#statefairoftexas’ is the most popular, used on over 188,470 Instagram posts and viewed over 69 million times on TikTok.

3. Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair ranks third on both platforms, with over 104,805 Instagram posts and 98 million TikTok views. The most popular hashtag, #iowastatefair, features in over 101,065 Instagram posts and has been viewed 98 million times on TikTok.

4. Indiana State Fair

Indiana State Fair takes fourth place with 55,957 Instagram posts and 66 million TikTok views. Indiana State Fair is more popular on TikTok, ranking fourth nationwide and ninth on Instagram. The hashtag #indianastatefair has been used on over 53,314 Instagram posts and viewed 66 million times on TikTok.

5. Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair is fifth overall. It’s more prevalent on TikTok, with over 52 million posts, ranking fifth nationwide and 12th on Instagram, with over 40,000 hashtags. The hashtag #floridastatefair features the most, is used in over 34,279 Instagram posts, and has 44 million TikTok views.

6. California State Fair

California State Fair ranks sixth on both platforms, with 62,956 Instagram posts and 51 million TikTok views. The hashtag #castatefair has been used on over 29,112 posts on Instagram and viewed over 43 million times on TikTok, which puts the festival in sixth position.

7. Arizona State Fair

Arizona State Fair places seventh on TikTok and Instagram, with over 62,809 Instagram posts and 45 million TikTok views. The hashtag #arizonastatefair has been viewed over 24 million times on TikTok, and the hashtag #azstatefair is used most on Instagram, appearing in over 37,691 posts.

8. North Carolina State Fair

North Carolina State Fair ranks eighth. It is the fourth most Instagrammable festival and eighth most popular on TikTok. The festival has over 104,322 Instagram posts and 44 million TikTok views. #ncstatefair is the most used hashtag, generating almost 44 million TikTok views and over 100,223 Instagram posts.

9. West Virginia State Fair

West Virginia State Fair takes ninth place. The festival ranks below average in terms of Instagram tags, appearing in 8,742 posts, which ranks 31st in the U.S. However, it’s the ninth most viewed on TikTok, at over 28 million. ‘#statefairofwestvirginia’ receives over 22 million views on TikTok, and ‘#wvstatefair’ is used most in over 5,319 Instagram posts.

10. Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair takes 10th place, ranking 17th on Instagram and 10th on TikTok. There are over 23,911 Instagram posts and 27 million TikTok views. #okstatefair sees the most activity in over 12,030 Instagram posts and receives around 17 million TikTok views.

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