September 11, 2019

The 50 Best New Restaurants in America, According to Bon Appétit

What are the best new restaurants in America this year? Julia Kramer, Bon Appétit's deputy editor, had the enviable task of finding out – though she cautions it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

The list includes restaurants from all over the country, including By Tae in Seattle; Call Your Mother in Washington, D.C.; Heirloom Brewshop in Raleigh, North Carolina; and The Wolf's Tailor in Denver. Cities with multiple restaurants on the list include New York, Seattle, Denver, Raleigh and others.

See the full list of all the restaurants in alphabetical order below. A top 10 ranked list, from these 50, will be revealed Sept. 17. The publication has done the ranking since 2009 and began announcing the 50 top nominees in 2012.

Kramer ventured to more than 200 restaurants in 34 cities across America, visiting ones that have opened since May 2018. She tried to pack in as many meals as possible in each place: Think two lunches, two dinners and stopping by bakeries or coffee shops in between.

What does Kramer look for when picking restaurants for the list?

With so many out there executing food at a high level, she's "looking for something even more than that," she tells USA TODAY. "I'm looking for restaurants that have a really strong point of view, that are doing something that sets them apart from any other similar restaurant, that really kind of speaks to the passion of the chef behind it and has something to say."

The top 50 list this year is a more casual and fun bunch than ever before, according to Kramer, which she says is representative of the dining scene around the country. There's a bit of fatigue with super-fine dining, shared plates and more typical dining experiences where everyone gets an appetizer, entree and dessert.

"You don’t even have to serve dinner to be one of the best new restaurants in the United States," Kramer says.

And the top 50 restaurants have spread out among more cities. There used to be a notion that if you wanted the newest, trendiest food, you had to go to big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or Chicago. But cities including Maui, Hawaii; Baltimore; and Richmond, Virginia, all had restaurants hit the top 50 list for the first time this year.

Bon Appétit will host its annual Hot 10 Party for its best new restaurants Oct. 19 in New York; you can find out more about that here.

Bon Appétit's list of best new restaurants in America

Adda – New York City
Aleppo Sweets – Providence, Rhode Island
Atomix – New York City
Balkan Treat Box – St. Louis
Beckon – Denver
Benchwarmers Bagels – Raleigh, North Carolina
Benne on Eagle – Asheville, North Caroline
Big King, Providence – Rhode Island
Blood Bros. Barbecue – Houston, Texas
Bungalow at Middle Brow – Chicago
By Tae – Seattle
Call Your Mother – Washington, D.C.
Carpenter's Hall – Austin, Texas
Centro/Popol Vuh – Minneapolis
Chubby Fish – Charleston, South Carolina
Dacha Diner – Seattle
DakZen – Somerville, Massachucetts
Fadensonnen, Larder, and Sophomore Coffee – Baltimore, Maryland
Hathorne – Nashville, Tennessee
Heirloom Brewshop – Raleigh, North Carolina
Jeong – Chicago
Khao Noodle Shop – Dallas
Konbi – Los Angeles
Kopitiam – New York City
Kumiko and Kikko – Chicago
Le Comptoir du Vin – Baltimore
Leonti – New York City
Lineage – Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
Longoven – Richmond, Virginia
M Tempura – Durham, North Carolina
Matt's BBQ Tacos – Portland, Oregon
Molly's Rise & Shine – New Orleans
Nina & Rafi – Atlanta
Ochre Bakery – Detroit
Petra & the Beast – Dallas
Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia
Porridge + Puffs – Los Angeles
Reunion Bread Co. – Denver
Root Baking Co. – Atlanta
Rosalita's Backyard Tacos – New Orleans
Sarvida – Philadelphia
Savage – St. Louis
Sister Liu's Kitchen – Durham, North Carolina
Tacos Oscar – Oakland, California
Tailor – Nashville, Tennessee
Tawakhal Halal Cafe – Boston
The Elysian Bar – New Orleans
The Wolf's Tailor – Denver
Verjus – San Francisco
Warda Patisserie – Detroit

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