May 03, 2023

The Most Expensive Spring Destinations in the United States

Charleston, the famous port city in South Carolina, is the United States' priciest spring destination for hotel stays, according to a survey by

The survey compared hotel rates in destinations across the United States during May 2023. Only hotels rated 3 stars or more and located close to a beach or city/town center were taken into account for the survey.

In Charleston, visitors will have to spend an average of $358 per night for the most affordable double room. The two Hawaiian resort towns of Lahaina and Wailea complete the podium with average rates of $338 and $312, respectively.

With a rate of $294 per night, Anna Maria Island is the priciest spring destination in the state of Florida, making it the 5th most expensive US destination overall. Napa and neighboring Calistoga are the priciest destinations in California, with average rates of $290 and $284, respectively.

Compared with spring 2022 , hotel rates in the majority of destinations have dropped this year. In Charleston, for example, last year guests would have to spend $374 for the least expensive room – $16 more than this year. In some destinations, prices have dropped by even steeper margins.

Overall, average hotel rates in the 20 priciest spring destinations are down by 11% this year, the survey reveals. This is an indicator that demand is slightly lower compared to spring 2022, when hotel rates skyrocketed in many destinations after the pandemic years 2020 and 2021.

The table below shows the 20 priciest destinations for hotels in the US this spring. The rates shown reflect the average price for each destination's most affordable double room available between May 1-31, 2023.

  1. Charleston (SC)   $358
  2. Lahaina (HI)   $338
  3. Kihei (HI)   $312
  4. Wailea (HI)   $301
  5. Anna Maria Isl. (FL)   $294
  6. Napa (CA)   $290
  7. Calistoga (CA)   $284
  8. Boston (MA)   $282
  9. Sedona (AZ)   $276
  10. Poipu (HI)   $275
  11. Tybee Island (GA)   $275
  12. Santa Monica (CA)   $262
  13. Key West (FL)   $258
  14. Savannah (GA)   $234
  15. Newport (RI)   $230
  16. West Palm Beach (FL)   $224
  17. Islamorada (FL)   $222
  18. Nashville (TN)   $221
  19. Waikoloa (HI)   $221
  20. Saratoga Springs (NY)   $217

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