November 29, 2023

The Original Oktoberfest

The Original Oktoberfest

MUNICH, GERMANY - Oktoberfest’s roots can be traced back to 1810 in Munich, which is in the Bavarian region of Germany. On October 12th of that year, the future King Ludwig got married and invited the entire city to attend the celebration, which included a large feast and horse races. It was such a hit that they decided to repeat the horse races the following year, and the tradition of an annual October gathering – now known as Oktoberfest – was born.

The first Hacker brewery was mentioned in 1417. Merging with Pschorr in 1972, Hacker-Pschorr Brewery is 1 of only 6 Munich breweries allowed to serve beer at Oktoberfest. Every year, the brewmasters from the 6 traditional Munich breweries strive to create an exceptional beer for Oktoberfest visitors.

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