September 06, 2023

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain

ROME, ITALY - The ‘Fontana di Trevi’, or the Trevi Fountain is perhaps the most famous fountain in the world. The Baroque fountain on the Piazza di Trevi square was built from 1732 to 1762. The fountain's fame is in part the result of the many films that featured it, including La Dolce Vita, Angels and Demons and Roman Holiday.

The almost 30-meter high fountain was built against the back of the Palazzo Poli building. In the center underneath the arch stands the statue of the nautical god Neptune, being pulled to the sea on his shell-shaped chariot pulled by two winged horses and tritons (young gods of the sea). One of the horses is calm and obedient, the other is boisterous. They symbolize the changing tides of the sea. The two statues in the niches next to Neptune represent Abundance to the left and Health to the right. The name ‘La Fontana di Trevi’ is derived from tre via, or three roads. Three roads used to come together at the site of the fountain.

It is tradition during a trip to Rome to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain. Keep your eyes closed and throw the coin into the water over your left shoulder using your right hand. According to legend, the person who throws the coin will one day return to Rome. If you throw two coins into the fountain you will find your love in Rome.

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