January 17, 2024

The World’s Best Sporting Events

Nothing beats watching athletic competitions in person. Being where the action happened is what makes it special. We all had been to stadiums to watch games and perhaps cheer for our favorite teams or players and the experience, win or lose, is something to remember.

Not in particular order, these are the most popular and best sporting events worldwide that some of us had been privileged enough to witness firsthand.

MONACO GRAND PRIX – basing on the account of an acquaintance who had witnessed an F1 race, everything was a blur. F1 cars go from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds and on a typical circuit go at an average speed of up to 320kph. Racing around the narrow streets of Monaco, this is the most important and prestigious international F1 Grand Prix circuit held annually either late May or early June. It has 78 laps on a 3.337-kilometer track. The late Ayrton Senna of Brazil had the most wins in Monaco with 6.

TOUR de FRANCE – the world’s most demanding bicycle race that includes seven brutal mountain stages. Le Tour runs for three weeks in July and has 21 stages, and for this year’s edition, departs in Florence, Italy and weaves throughout the country sides of France. Only the two World Wars interrupted the annual cycling race.

SUPER BOWL – the US has an infatuation with Super Bowl Sunday and is one of the most watched sporting event in the Americas. This is the championship game of the National Football League. This year’s Super Bowl LVIII will be on February 11 at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. The Super Bowl is famous for its halftime show and the launch of new commercials.

WORLD SERIES – is the best of seven championship series of the US Major League Baseball. 32 teams go through a 162-game season, then three playoff rounds prior to the title series. Baseball is considered as America’s number 1 spectator sport. The LA Dodgers are pinning their hopes on hitter/pitcher Shohei Ohtani, whom they recently signed for $700 million.

WIMBLEDON – is one of the four tennis tournaments that make up the Grand Slam. Held at the All-England Tennis and Croquet Club, it is the world’s oldest and considered by many as the most prestigious tennis tournament.

Wimbledon demands players to wear “tennis whites” which dates to the 1880s when the dress code was first written, saying that it is improper to see a player with sweat-stained clothing and white was the color that least emphasizes sweat stains. No off-whites or cream-colored outfits. Because the English are a tradition-loving people, Wimbledon takes pride in preserving them. Spectators are encouraged to wear smart-casual.

THE OLYMPICS - held every four years, the Summer Games is a multi-sport event that showcases the world’s best athletes. Paris will host the XXXIII Olympiad scheduled from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

FIFA WOLRD CUP – also held every four years, the most beautiful game is the world’s most viewed sporting event. Qatar 2022 estimated 5 billion global viewers and about 1.5 billion watching the finals between Argentina and France. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be jointly hosted by the USA, Mexico and Canada sometime in June to July.

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