March 29, 2023

This Airline Has a 20-Minute Bag-to-Claim Guarantee for All Domestic Flights: Here's What You Need to Know

Key points

  • Sometimes checked bags don't arrive at the carousel as quickly as travelers hope.
  • Delta Air Lines has a 20-minute baggage arrival guarantee for all domestic flights.
  • If you're flying domestically on a Delta Air Lines or a Delta Connection carrier flight and your checked bag takes more than 20 minutes to arrive at baggage claim, you'll receive 2,500 bonus SkyMiles.

It can be frustrating showing up to the baggage claim after your flight, only to find that your checked bag is nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, sometimes bags are delayed or don't reach their intended destination as planned. It's worthwhile to look into your airline's baggage policy before your next trip. One major airline has a 20-minute bag-to-claim guarantee for all domestic flights, and if your checked bag doesn't arrive on time, you could be entitled to bonus miles. Your unfortunate situation may not be too terrible after all.

Delta is committed to delivering your bags on time

Delta Air Lines is committed to providing reliable, on-time baggage service to its customers. The airline has a 20-minute bag-to-claim guarantee for all domestic flights operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection carriers. This policy doesn't apply to international flights.

Here's how the guarantee works: If your checked bag doesn't arrive at the carousel in 20 minutes or less, you're eligible to receive 2,500 bonus SkyMiles. Travelers must be SkyMiles members and must include their SkyMiles number on their reservation to be eligible.

If your bag takes longer than 20 minutes to arrive at the carousel after flying with Delta within the United States or Puerto Rico, you can fill out a claim form online to collect your bonus miles. You must submit the claim form no later than three days after your flight's arrival. Travelers should allow up to two weeks for bonus miles to appear in their accounts.

2,500 bonus miles could be a win for your wallet

You may wonder if it's worth your time to submit a claim. The required form only takes a few moments to submit, so it's not a time-consuming process. Getting 2,500 free miles for the inconvenience is likely a win for most Delta customers, especially if they're frequent fliers.

According to The Ascent's valuation estimates, Delta SkyMiles are generally worth between $0.01 and $0.03 per mile when redeemed for travel. With this information in mind, 2,500 miles are worth between $25 and $75. This could make for an easy way to boost your stockpile of SkyMiles so you're closer to your next award travel redemption.

Review baggage policies before traveling

Reviewing all baggage policies for your chosen airline before flying is a good idea, and it can help you feel less stressed when dealing with an unfortunate baggage situation. If your checked bag is delayed, lost, or damaged, you'll want to know how the airline will handle the situation and what compensation you're entitled to if things go wrong. You may be entitled to compensation if your bag is delayed or lost for a significant period, so don't miss out.

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