March 11, 2020

Today's Online Event Sets the Stage for Your Next Live Event

In today’s uncertain world, fear and precaution dictate the quick yet difficult decision to cancel upcoming meetings or live events and take them online. Following the event crash in 2008, professional event planners went down a similar road and found ways to turn obstacles into opportunities.

For insight into their experiences with virtual and live events, talked to the staff of Digital Blue, a live show event production company specializing in large events. Here are some of their tips:

Professional Presentation reflects the quality of programming available during a live event. Virtual events should be just as professionally organized and orchestrated as the live event.

"Protect your brand. The audience is there. They are watching everything," says Klinton Kraft, Creative Director. “One of the biggest mistakes that people will make with online events, across the board, is taking technology for granted. They end up rehearsing in front of the audience – live – because they don’t have the professional management to guide them through the process from conception to the closeout.” Digital Blue recommends:

- When live streaming, pay attention to production values.
- Use professional lighting, sets and staging.
- Maintain the brand and its emotional connection to the audience.

Add Value to the online experience with a variety of tools including:
- Online polling
- Live surveys
- Live Q & As
- Virtual community chat
- Engaging content and conversations

Invest in the Online Event.
- Stay relevant and connected to the needs of viewers
- Provide an outstanding virtual experience; don't look like this is a back-up plan
- Use this as an opportunity to grow attendance and excitement for next year’s event
Professional Stage

For more ideas and information, email Brittany or contact Digital Blue.

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