September 23, 2020

Tourism Will Never Look The Same Again - Skyscanner Publishes New Trends Report

  • The New World of Travel report features trends, analysis and exclusive commentary from Skyscanner executives and industry leaders
  • The US is eager to vacation again, with searches and intent levels among the most robust of all the major countries Skyscanner has analyzed
  • Bucket-list travel, baller breaks and flexibility are all set to feature heavily in US travel trends and behavior during 2021

  • Leading travel company Skyscanner has released a new report titled 'The New World of Travel.' Bringing together extensive travel data and expert opinions from Skyscanner CEO Moshe Rafiah; Travalyst founder, The Duke of Sussex and many other industry leaders, the report explores some of the most important emerging travel trends.

    Bucket lists and baller breaks: How and why Americans will travel

    Some trends emerging from our data and extensive consumer research show which behaviors we might expect to see when US travelers emerge into the wider world once again. The question of who will travel first is one many have been asking. In the US, data indicates that currently male travelers are more likely to book than female (59%) and those with children are more likely to book than those without (56%).

    "New reasons for travel have come from the events of 2020. Postponed events such as sports, weddings and concerts should see Americans try to reclaim some missed experiences from 2020. Conversely, some are keen to break long-held habits and want to try something new after taking the time to reconsider what is important to them when they go on vacation.

    "Of course, many will use travel to reconnect with friends and family and longer trips are expected to become more popular as travelers seek quality time and experiences over quick getaways."

    Skyscanner US Traveler Expert, Mark Crossey

    The flexible attitude adopted by US travel providers is one that has been wholly embraced, with 11% of Americans departing less than a week after booking. With the "big three" US airlines waiving no-change-fees until at least until the end of 2020, jetting off at short notice will be a continuing trend well into 2021.

    Pent-up wanderlust: How many Americans want to travel?

    The US is eager to travel again, with searches and intent levels among the most robust of all the major countries Skyscanner analyzed. During the month of August, searches for international travel were only 6% less than the monthly average for 2019, reflecting the pent-up wanderlust that we all know is out there.

    Domestic travel searches in August 2020 were actually 6% more than the monthly average for 2019, as Americans take the opportunity to explore their own backyard. 44% of US travelers believe it's safe to travel domestically, and with TSA recording nearly 1 million daily passengers over Labor Day Weekend, it seems they are acting on their beliefs.

    "Travel for most Americans has been largely confined to domestic for the last few months, with all but essential international travel canceled or postponed. However, what has been amazing to see is the adaptability and resilience shown by American travelers.

    "The need to explore runs deep, and those who had their hearts set on going abroad over summer simply adapted their mindset and have been adventuring a little closer to home this year.

    "Of course, they are still dreaming of international travel, we see that very clearly in our data and hear it every day when we speak to our travelers. The appreciation we all have for being able to experience different cultures, landscapes, food and climates is so much greater now we've had a chance to miss it."

    Skyscanner US Traveler Expert, Mark Crossey

    Year of discovery: Where Americans will go in 2021

    Americans have been dreaming of travel to the following top ten places for summer 2021:

    # Destination City Name
    1 London
    2 New York
    3 Paris
    4 Tokyo
    5 Rome
    6 Los Angeles
    7 Honolulu
    8 Athens
    9 Papeete
    10 Barcelona

    From "unprecedented" to "precedented": Global travel trends

    One-way. Domestic. Within a month. Searches for one-way continue to trend upward, with domestic travel intent increasing globally against a backdrop of changing travel restrictions. And amid ongoing uncertainty, travelers around the world are also looking to get away in much shorter timeframes than ever before.

    Search patterns for domestic, regional and international flights indicate that recovery will be multispeed, tied to the global economy and driven by low cost carriers. At the same time, the decline in business travel revenues for other airlines calls for a rethink of this part of the industry.

    Regenerative travel enters the zeitgeist for 2021

    "Recovery is vital for the security and prosperity of millions of communities, but recovery cannot just mean a return to the way things used to be. Travel can and should be a catalyst for good. It can be sustainable, ethical and even regenerative. It's our collective responsibility to ensure that the industry that is reborn out of this pandemic is one that gives back more than it takes away."
    The Duke of Sussex, founder of Travalyst

    Research reveals that sustainable travel concerns are no longer top of mind for many travelers. But as destinations previously suffering from over tourism begin to re-open, the sector has a unique opportunity to redesign old travel patterns for the benefit of local communities, the environment and tourists alike.

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