June 17, 2020

Travel Intentions Pulse Survey - Impact of COVID-19 - June 15th

The MMGY Travel Intelligence team, conducts an ongoing tracking survey to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the travel intentions of U.S. business and leisure travelers. This survey measures current and future traveler sentiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic and tracks trends and shifts in travel intentions. The study polls respondents for both domestic and international travel intent by purpose and type.

Key Findings from Wave V of the study:

  1. Trips that require longer booking windows, such as cruises and group tours, are more likely to have been postponed for later in the year.
  2. Optimism for both business and leisure travel continues to increase, with about 40% of those studied, expecting to still travel during the next six months.
  3. Two-thirds of leisure travelers expect to book their next leisure trip within the next six months, and more than half are planning to do so during the next three months. Just over half (55%) of business travelers expect to take their next business trip during the next six months.
  4. Sixty-seven percent of travelers are likely to travel by personal car during the next six months, more than double the percentage planning to travel by air during the same time period. When travelers do return to the skies, they are most likely to take a domestic flight.
  5. One-third of those likely to travel by personal car are willing to drive 300 or more miles one-way from home to reach their destination, and 1 in 5 is willing to travel 500 miles or more.
  6. While those likely to stay in a hotel or resort during the coming months increased from Wave IV, the percentage likely to do so remains relatively low (38%).
  7. Interest in ocean/river cruising and visiting a theme park/attraction is rising.
  8. Consumers continue to feel safer about overnight leisure travel within the U.S.

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