May 11, 2022

Travel Outlook Survey: International Travel in 2022 to Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels

Survey results reveal travel trends for 2022 that include willingness to travel internationally, comfort level of traveling internationally compared to 2021, and insurance benefits travelers care about most.

International Medical Group® (IMG®) has released the results of its Travel Outlook Survey that evaluated the 2022 travel plans and trends of IMG customers who have previously traveled internationally. The results of the survey reveal that 96% of respondents plan to travel internationally in 2022, an 11% increase over pre-pandemic travel levels.

"It is clear that people are feeling more comfortable traveling abroad and are ready to take the international trips they have had to delay over the last couple of years," said IMG Chief Commercial Officer, Amanda Winkle.

Travel Outlook Survey Findings:

Travelers feel more comfortable traveling abroad in 2022 than they did in 2021

  • 59% of respondents feel more comfortable traveling internationally in 2022
  • 32% feel just as comfortable traveling internationally as they did in 2021
  • 71% of respondents plan to travel internationally before October 2022
  • In 2021, 49% of respondents planned to travel internationally before October
Whether overseas or in their home country, travelers are ready to take multiple trips throughout 2022

  • 38% of respondents plan to travel internationally 3+ times in 2022
  • 141% increase compared to 2021
  • Of domestic travelers, 52% plan to travel domestically 3+ times in 2022
  • 18% increase compared to 2021
Travelers want to protect themselves and their trip expenses while traveling in 2022

53% of respondents are more likely to purchase a travel protection/travel medical plan due to the risks, concerns, and impacts of COVID-19

  • 43% are just as likely to purchase a plan as they were before the onset of the pandemic
Benefits travelers consider most important in an insurance plan prior to traveling:

#1 Medical insurance benefits
#2 Trip cancellation/interruption benefits
#3 CFAR/IFAR benefits

While travelers are ready to get out and sightsee around the world, the top 5 countries respondents plan to travel to next include:

  1. Mexico
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Portugal
"After being stuck at home for the last few years, we are seeing people take more extravagant or once-in-a-lifetime trips as they get back to traveling internationally," said IMG President and CEO, Steve Paraboschi. "As people invest more in their travels, they want robust insurance policies to protect all aspects of their trip, and IMG is here to provide such travel and health safety solutions."

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