May 29, 2024

TSA Marks Record Number of Passengers as Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off

Over 2.9 million passengers were screened at airports, the agency said.

Over 2.9 million passengers were screened at airports across the country Friday, marking the most individuals screened by the Transportation Security Administration in 22 years, the agency said.

The 2,951,163 air passengers screened surpassed the previous record of 2,908,785 recorded in November during the Thanksgiving holiday rush.

TSA screened 2,887,605 passengers on Thursday, according to the agency.

TSA is expecting over 18 million airline travelers to pass through airport security checkpoints between Friday and next Wednesday.

TSA Record-Setting Days<

Four of the TSA's top 10 days of all time have been this month, according to TSA data.

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