July 12, 2022

Two-Thirds of Americans Say Reunions Bring the Most Joyful Summer Vacations

Family and friend reunions bring the most joyful vacations during the summer months (65%), new data from Motel 6 reveals. The leader in economy lodging releases a study and new creative campaign celebrating reunions with the people and places travelers love.

The poll of 2,000 adults traveling this summer revealed a majority (57%) plan to attend a family or friend reunion this summer. The average respondent has not gathered with extended family in four years, so it's no surprise that on average, American travelers will journey nearly 80 miles to reunite with their favorite people and places, while about one-third (32%) will venture more than 100 miles.

"There's nothing quite like a big family or friend gathering and the opportunity to connect with the people and places you love," said Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6. "Whether Motel 6 is part of your journey or the destination, you can count on us to provide a clean, comfortable and affordable place to rest your head at night."

A New Look for Reunions

Now more than ever, reunions will look and feel different than in previous years, respondents (51%) say. Americans' reunion invite lists include friends (42%), significant others (39%), neighbors (34%) and pets (36%).

A Time for Traditions

Reunions allow friends and family to re-establish and refresh traditions. The majority (55%) of those attending a family reunion this year look forward to celebrating both old traditions while creating new ones. Almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) are interested in becoming more connected to their family traditions.

"Cooking together is our family's way to embody the traditional culture of our roots. We celebrate these roots running deep for generations to come, together," said Stephanie Payne, a participant of the family reunion.

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