March 27, 2024

U.S. Travel's 2024 Priorities

U.S. Travel’s unique mission is to increase travel to and within the United States.

We pursue this mission by establishing travel as essential and responsible, advancing seamless and secure travel, shaping solutions to operational challenges and building a strong business. By engaging with U.S. Travel, our members shape a thriving and sustainable travel experience.

Establish Travel as Essential and Responsible

The travel industry is an economic powerhouse that unites people, benefits society and is paramount to the United States’ global competitiveness. We must elevate the perceived value of the industry among policymakers, opinion leaders and business leaders.

  • Better position the industry to shape a more favorable perception of travel by determining which messages, messengers and data are most influential with each of our target audiences.
  • Empower members to be stronger advocates at the local, state and federal levels by updating and effectively packaging the travel industry’s most compelling economic impact data.
  • Strengthen government leadership on travel issues by developing a deeper bench of Congressional champions, most notably through expanding the Travel Works program with a goal of 24 events in 2024.
  • Optimize political opportunities to strengthen relationships and underscore the value of travel by growing TravelPAC to more than $1 million in this election cycle.
  • Help the industry address the emerging issue of public safety by equipping travel leaders with accurate data and a shared messaging platform.

Improve the Travel Experience

U.S. Travel is uniquely positioned to bring the entirety of the travel industry together to improve the traveler’s experience and enable future growth. This portion of our agenda should address both immediate challenges and pave the way for game-changing opportunities.

  • Raise policymaker awareness of how the United States is falling behind global competitors by highlighting inefficiencies in America’s travel process and the investments/strategies being pursued by other nations.
  • Identify comprehensive policy solutions to make air travel more seamless, modern and secure by launching a commission of subject matter experts and capitalizing on the knowledge of our airline and airport members.
  • Address immediate staffing, technology and infrastructure problems in today’s air travel experience by securing final passage of Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization.
  • Tackle the greatest obstacle to U.S. visitation—lengthy visa delays — by increasing awareness of the harm caused beyond the travel industry.
  • Broaden the travel industry’s relevance by pairing our air travel agenda with concrete proposals for advancing road and rail connectivity.

Provide Members with Tangible, Meaningful Opportunities to Learn, Connect and Shape Business

U.S. Travel seeks to create a value proposition that is diversified both in terms of our capabilities and the people within member organizations to whom we provide benefit. A thoughtful and intentional focus on our value proposition is fundamental to our future growth.

  • Expand the association’s value proposition — including new engagement opportunities and member resources — by capitalizing on insights derived from the comprehensive member survey.
  • Invest in and innovate existing event portfolio — including IPW, ESTO, the Summer Summit and Future of Travel Mobility — and seek opportunities to grow value by meeting emerging educational needs.
  • Provide the industry with segment-specific value by investing in group and international inbound subject matter experts and creating opportunities to collaborate with peers.
  • Create content and communications that better inform the travel industry by leveraging U.S. Travel’s expertise, access and convening power.
  • Reinforce the value of investment in U.S. Travel by expanding access to resources and communications throughout member organizations and the broader travel industry.

Build a Best-in-Class Trade Association with an Eye Towards the Future

U.S. Travel seeks to operate as a business: making difficult decisions, wisely utilizing members’ time and resources and investing in areas of opportunity.

  • Build a targeted and strategic approach to membership — including benefits, engagement and dues levels — that empowers the organization to better serve existing members and attract new members.
  • Solidify the association as travel’s leading voice and advocate through the development of a long-term vision that broadens its reach and unlocks new sources of revenue.
  • Enhance the professional image of the industry and association by ensuring all organizational messaging and creative align with its strategic direction.
  • Shape a culture of innovation, collaboration and member service by onboarding more than a dozen new team members across all areas of the association, including research, communications, events and membership.
  • Position the association to better respond to industry needs and effectively communicate by strengthening operational capabilities, including database improvements and technology investments.

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