October 04, 2023

Upgraded Points' Latest Study 'Top U.S. Cities to Be a Ghost' Celebrates the Halloween Season

Springfield, Massachusetts, Is Crowned the Spookiest City in the Nation. The Undead Are Most Likely To Travel Here for Halloween Haunting, With an Undeniably Phantom-Friendly Environment and Spectral Sightings Galore.

As Halloween draws near, Upgraded Points created a spine-tingling study to determine which U.S. cities offer the warmest – or chilliest – welcome for wandering spirits. Evaluating the hospitality of 100 major U.S. cities, and considering a variety of metrics that might make those towns a hotspot for hauntings, Upgraded Points puts a new spin on the best Halloween hangouts.

The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Be a Ghost

"We encourage travelers — both of this realm and others — to carefully research the cities they visit," said Alex Miller, Upgraded Points' founder. "And we've taken a light-hearted look at where ghosts might choose to hang their dusty hats – or shake their spectral chains. From cities steeped in history to areas ripe with supernatural activity, our study is a fun look for those curious about the spookier side of America's hometowns."

Spooky Study: Methodology

To identify the cities most suitable for ghostly residents, Upgraded Points analyzed the cities using 11 key criteria crucial for identifying otherworldly havens, such as: Ghost Sightings per 100K People, Haunted Houses per 100K Households, Psychic Mediums per 100K People, Metaphysical Shops per 100K People, Median Build-Year of Buildings, Cemeteries per 100K People, and more. Each criterion was then weighted based on its relevance to ghosts and given a score between 0 to 5, resulting in a total potential score from 0 to 100, with 100 indicating the most favorable conditions for ghosts.

Some Haunted Highlights

  • Northeastern Nightmares: Syracuse, NY, claims the fourth spot, with nearly a quarter of its homes built before 1940, while Buffalo, NY, offers the oldest average home build year, 1956.
  • Southern Specters: Birmingham, AL, stands tall at number 3, offering 14.7 haunted houses per 100K. Meanwhile, Columbia, SC, provides ghosts with the highest number of cemeteries per capita.
  • Historical Haunts: Pennsylvania cities like Scranton and Pittsburgh shine with many houses built before 1940, making them ideal for spirits with an affinity for the past.
  • Few Western Wraiths: Those looking for a more ghost-free zone might consider heading west. Seattle, Phoenix, and San Diego all rank among the least ghost-friendly cities.
  • Best Ghostly Gatherings: Springfield, MA, leads with a hospitality rating of 61.8 out of 100, boasting 13.8 haunted houses per 100K households and buildings with a median age of 64 years.

The Best U.S. Cities to Be a Ghost by Category

Digging Deeper into Dark Data

  • Creepy Columbia, SC: Tops the charts with the most cemeteries per 100K people (135.8).
  • Terrifying Tulsa, OK: With 159.5 haunted houses per 100K households, something dark has definitely moved into the neighborhoods of this town.
  • Abandoned Forts: Ghosts looking for a quieter haunt might head to Fort Myers, FL, boasting the highest percentage of vacant housing units (25.3%).
  • Eerie El Paso, TX: The ghost sightings capital, with a score of 22.6 – above the national average of 2.1 by a ghastly 975%.
  • Mystic Mecca of Vegas: With over 8.1 mediums per 100K people, the crystal balls are blazing and the spooks are speaking in Sin City.
  • The best cities for scaredy cats? Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, and more.

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