November 10, 2021

US Lifts Historic International Travel Ban, Welcoming Back Fully Vaccinated Travelers from 33 Countries

• In the last month alone, flight bookings to the USA reached 70% of pre-pandemic levels

• Top US destinations for international visitors include New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Francisco

• The need to go NOW makes November 2021 the most popular month for international travelers to visit the US; Most popular departure date for US-bound international flights is today, November 8th

• Travelers from the U.K. are the most excited to get back across the pond with US-bound flights from the U.K. searched more than US-bound flights from all other European countries, combined

• Brits eager to reunite with American family and friends; Bookings for US-bound Thanksgiving flights from the U.K. jump 2,200%

After nearly two years, today, the US has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated international travelers arriving via air from the 26 Schengen countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil. Research from the US Travel Association estimated that for every week that international travel restrictions were in place, the US economy lost out on $1.5 billion in spending just from Canada, the European Union and the U.K. alone. Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels worldwide, today released the below trend data highlighting the world's excitement to return to the US.

US-bound travel bookings
Trends highlighting the surge in US-bound travel bookings as the United States reopens to international visitors on November 8th.

Recovery Impact

  • In the last month, flight bookings to destinations across the USA reached 70% of pre-pandemic levels. International travel accounted for 52%.
  • With the US closed to international tourists for the past 21 months, visitors are eager to travel to the US now. The most popular month for international travelers to visit the US is November 2021, followed closely by December 2021. The most popular departure date for US-bound international flights is today, November 8th – the first day restrictions lifted.

U.K. Most Excited to Visit US

  • Following President Biden's first travel announcement (September 20th) which stated that fully vaccinated travelers from the U.K. and the EU would be allowed to enter starting November, travelers from the U.K. were the most excited to visit. Within 24 hours of the announcement, US-bound flights originating from the U.K. were searched more than US-bound flights from all other European countries, combined.
  • Flight bookings followed a similar trend, with travelers in the U.K. booking more US-bound flights than travelers in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark combined.
  • After President Biden's second announcement (October 15th) when even more countries were added to the approved list, the U.K. stayed on top as the number one country searching and booking flights to the US, resulting in a 108% increase in bookings from the week prior to the first announcement.
  • In the 24 hours following each announcement, US-bound flight bookings from the U.K. for the 2021 Thanksgiving weekend increased by 1,600% and 2,200% respectively.
  • The top five US destinations for Brits are Orlando, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Global Travel Trends Emerging

  • Following behind the U.K., the countries that booked the most flights to the US were Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
  • The top five US-destinations booked by international travelers are New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, and San Francisco.
  • Specifically, New York, Los Angeles and Miami are top destinations for travelers originating from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and South Africa.
  • Couples and families were the most ready to get away, with an increase in flight bookings of 108% and 65%, respectively, following the second announcement.

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