September 14, 2022

Waves of Sand at Sunset

Waves of Sand at Sunset

WHITE SANDS NATIONAL PARK, New Mexico - Within the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New Mexico is one of the world's great natural wonders: the glistening white sands of New Mexico. Great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world's largest gypsum dunefield. We drove the 8-mile, scenic Dunes Drive from the Visitors Center out into the heart of the dunefield. Along the way, we stopped for walks in sand and a picnic before this fantastic sunset.

White Sands National Park is located directly off of US Highway 70 between the cities of Alamogordo and Las Cruces, about 3.5 hours south of Albuquerque and 1.5 hours west of El Paso, Texas.

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