December 05, 2018

Where Did Americans and Everyone Travel to This Year?

Agoda reveals Las Vegas, Bangkok and London as the top city destinations among Agoda travelers across the world in 2018. According to this year's booking data from Agoda, Japan and Thailand are not only the most popular countries in Asia, but also the top international destinations for American travelers.

Top destinations across United States, Asia and Europe

America's party city, City of Angels and The Big Apple have taken the top spots in the United States. Apart from Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York, two other noteworthy destinations came up in 2018 -- whether it's due to the year-round sun in Phoenix or the southern hospitality in Houston, these two places are growing in popularity among travelers to America.

From ephemeral sights like cherry blossoms, to endless, quirky experiences such as robot cafes, Japan has something for every traveler. The Land of the Rising Sun has claimed the crown for top Asian destination, and its vibrant cities, Tokyo and Osaka, attracting adventurous explorers from across Asia and the globe.

While London and Paris continue to win the hearts of travelers, the cosmopolitan Istanbul is quickly gaining popularity, climbing four ranks up to fifth most-booked city in Europe since 2016. With over 2,500 years of history, rich culture and remarkable sights, this is the only city in the world that straddles Europe and Asia.

Top Cities in America Top Cities in Europe Top Cities in Asia
1. Las Vegas (NV) 1. London 1. Bangkok
2. Los Angeles (CA) 2. Paris 2. Tokyo
3. New York (NY) 3. Rome 3. Kuala Lumpur
4. Orlando (FL) 4. Barcelona 4. Hong Kong
5. San Francisco (CA) 5. Istanbul 5. Osaka
6. Chicago (IL) 6. Amsterdam 6. Taipei
7. Phoenix (AZ) 7. Milan 7. Seoul
8. Houston (TX) 8. Madrid 8. Singapore
9. Oahu Hawaii 9. Venice 9. Bali
10. San Diego (CA) 10. Prague 10. Pattaya

Top Countries in Asia Top Countries in Europe
1. Japan 1. United Kingdom
2. Thailand 2. Italy
3. Malaysia 3. France

At a glance: Top 2018 destinations by origin market

While favorite destinations differ for travelers from various markets, Thailand is in the top three for many global and American travelers. Bangkok continues to be a hot city for Americans, as it is not only a convenient transit point to explore the rest of Thailand, but is also teeming with energy, quirks and fascinating culture.

Travelers from United States

Top destination countries

1. United States

2. Japan

3. Thailand

Top destination cities

1. Las Vegas (NV)

2. Los Angeles (CA)

3. New York (NY)

4. Orlando (FL)

5. Chicago (IL)

6. San Francisco (CA)

7. Tokyo

8. Phoenix (AZ)

9. Houston (TX)

10. Bangkok

Agoda booking data was collated from 1 January 2018 to 11 November 2018.

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