October 28, 2020

XpresSpa to Expand Airport Testing Service Beyond COVID-19 to Include Flu, Mono and Strep Throat

XpresSpa Group Inc. said Monday it is expanding its airport testing service beyond COVID-19 to include rapid tests for such diseases as flu, mononucleosis and group A streptococcus. The company, whose stores are a popular fixture in airports, is also offering this season's flu vaccine, as well as a quadrivalent high-dose flu vaccine that is recommended for seniors.

"This pandemic is prompting people to change the way they think about their health when traveling, paving the way for this new industry segment in a post COVID-19 world," Chief Executive Doug Satzman said in a statement.

XpreSpa is currently offering travelers a series of testing options for the coronavirus, including a rapid molecular COVID-19 test, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test, and the Blood Antibody Test. The services are also available to all airport workers, including border and customs agents and TSA workers.

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