Add TRIPinfo Maps To Your Website

TRIPinfo is widely recognized for quality scale cartography. Online and in print, our maps include waterways, primary and secondary highways, cities and towns in detail. Over the years we have built a library of over 130 maps, created to scale and printable from

We are proud to have provided Travel South USA our Southern regional road map for their use, and now a host of state and local tourism bureaus and others use our state and market maps. In addition, we have provided nearly 2,000,000 printed maps to State Welcome Centers, regional tourism promotion entities, local CVBs, international hotel chains, and others. These maps range in scale from city to state to national.

To add a TRIPinfo map to your website, have your webmaster use the following html code in your web site where you would like the map to be accessible.

<a href="MAP PAGE URL GOES HERE" target="_blank">MAP NAME GOES HERE</a>

EXAMPLE 1: <a href="" target="_blank">Georgia State Map</a>
EXAMPLE 2: <a href="" target="_blank">Atlanta Area Map</a>
NOTE: All map file names are case-sensitive and the URL path should begin with