Everyone has time to shop while traveling, right? Think again. Say you are on a tour bus, want to find new jeans at this great mall but only have an hour to find them. Impossible? Thanks to Me-ality and select General Growth Property malls, it is possible, free and fun. Welcome to the 21st century of mall shopping!

How it works:

  • Scan. Step into a Size Matching Station that looks a little like a freestanding screen porch. In about 10 seconds, a 3D whole body scanner takes 200+ measurements of your fully clothed body using safe, low-power radio waves.

  • Fit. Me-ality matches your exact measurements to clothes that fit and flatter your body. A Me-ality consultant hands you a personal Shopping Guide that ranks your best fits, styles, sizes and stores with shopping indicators. An arrow on the color bar indicates how well each style will fit. The closer the arrow is to the right the better the fit for your body.

  • Shop. Now it's your turn. Look at the Shopping Guide indicators and select a style that sounds appealing with a high indicator. Head to the store and find the styles and sizes that Me-ality recommends for you.

Me-ality Shopping Guide
The Me-ality Shopping Guide identifies the best styles, sizes
and stores for fast and successful shopping trip.

No more wasting time trying on 3 different sizes of the same style just to find out that the style isn't right. You know the style and size to ask for right away. Amazing! Visit me-ality.com for locations.