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November 30, 2016

U.S. Ad Blocking: 6 Top Stats to Know

A close look at who's using ad blockers and why

1. 26.3% of internet users will use ad blockers this year
US Ad Blocking Users and Penetration
2. But as many as two-thirds of millennials already do
US Millennial Internet Users Who Use an Ad Blocker
3. Internet users turn to ad blockers to get an uninterrupted browsing experience
Reasons that US Internet Users Would Use Ad Blockers
4. Desktop ad blocking is currently more prominent
US Ad Blocking Users and Penetration, By Device
5. But millennials are most annoyed by mobile pop-ups
Types of Ads that US Smartphone Users Find Most Annoying/Intrusive
6. Marketers, publishers and advertisers are responding primarily with native ads

Tactics that US Website Professionals Are Likely to Use to Address Ad Blocking
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