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February 8, 2017

Schiphol Airport First to Try Out Shoe Scanners at Security Desks

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Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport will be the first in the world to employ shoe scanners, eliminating the need for passengers to remove their shoes during security checks.

The Delta R scanner uses UV rays to detect traces of drugs or explosives, the Telegraaf said on Monday, citing an earlier interview with Michiel Poppink who developed the scanner.

The quick scans will lead to shorter queues and less annoyance for the passenger, he said. It is not clear when the new scanners will be introduced.

Poppink heads Stage Gate 11 (SG11), a start-up in technological product development for the security industry, which is based at the airport.

Last November, the airport began testing a new form of security scanner which removes the need for passengers to take liquids and laptops out of their luggage.

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