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April 10, 2019

RAVE Reviews Releases Guide to the Best Earth Day Celebrations

RAVE Reviews has published a ranking series of the "Best Earth Day Celebrations."

Setting aside the various disagreements that people have about climate change and being environmentally friendly, one thing everyone should be able to agree on is that the Earth is a spectacular place to live. If you disagree, try living on Mars for a day. It only makes sense that there is a holiday dedicated to celebrating and preserving Earth.

If mental images of masses of hippies drinking homemade kombucha is deterring you from trying one of these celebrations, you don't have to worry. The celebrations RAVE has rounded up have a lot to offer including live music, flight simulators, parades, 5k runs, and even an eco-themed Easter egg hunt. To make your Earth Day as convenient as possible, RAVE has included a detailed run-down of activities and lodging for each celebration. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget that this holiday is all about appreciating and preserving the planet we live on.

"Earth Day is a unique chance to take part in fun celebrations while supporting a good cause. All of the celebrations we included nicely blend pleasure, service, and education. Hopefully, you'll be walking away from this Earth Day feeling more informed and excited about preserving our planet," said Hillary Miller, Managing Editor for RAVE Reviews.

The full list of featured celebrations includes:

  • EarthX Expo - Dallas, Texas
  • Earth Day Columbus - Columbus, Ohio
  • Earth Day Indiana Festival - Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Berkeley Earth Day - Berkeley, California
  • Earth Day Roanoke - Roanoke, Virginia
  • Earth Day Cleanup - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Earth Day Fair and Parade - Bend, Oregon
  • Earth Day Celebration at Waikiki Aquarium - Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Charleston County Earth Day Festival - Charleston, South Carolina
  • Earth Day Conference - Madison, Wisconsin

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