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May 22, 2019

American Airlines App Instantly Compensates Bumped Passengers

Travelers who fly with American Airlines can now use the carrier’s app to volunteer for the bump list on oversold flights and receive compensation immediately.

According to The Points Guy, airlines such as American, Delta and United launched the ability for travelers to volunteer for the bump list through their apps earlier this month, but American is the first to award customers compensation through the app for changing their flights.

In addition to being able to voluntarily give up a seat for compensation when you check in early, travelers using the American app will be able to select a replacement flight at a later time, depending on the departing airport and destination.

Instead of having to head to the airport, give up the seat, wait for compensation and then sit at the airport until the later flight, travelers using the American app can change their itinerary when they check-in early.

American plans to make volunteering a seat and getting paid for it more manageable.

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